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How to Get back your Windows 7 Password with Straightforward Computer Know how

When you are working and using the computer at the same time, it is important to also acquire basic knowledge on how to open the computer and keeping or remembering your password to yourself.

In this way, you will be able to protect your files and folders. However on some circumstances, you forget the password you set before. For lost Win 7 password; you must know about windows password recovery by having knowledge of simple computer or laptop operations.

One of the most dismaying thoughts that could happen in the workplace is when you cannot have access to your computer and cannot obtain stored data paralyzing your work. This happens often especially to the forgetful old folks and other employees who just happen to store two or more passwords in their minds and remember which is which anymore.

So that is why you need to have the correct computer knowledge to fix the problem yourself, by simply doing windows 7 password recovery. When you lost your windows password, you may not be able to log in to your computer again. Therefore, once you have your own password in Windows 7, you must remember this password in your mind and ensure never to forget about it once more.

One of the tools used to recover Windows 7 password is to install a reliable windows password recovery software. One of the more prefferred is the Windows Password recovery software which is used to recover lost password for Windows users. This also allows you to access your locked computer.

This is done by recovering and resetting the lost password, no matter what caused the loss or the reason for the loss. If you choose to use such tool, you must consider the following such as, ease of use, the reliability of the tool, speed and affordability. The windows 7 password reset can be done easily without the use of password reset disk or disc for installation.

The tool uses another computer to burn the bootable CD, DVD or USB external flash drive, make sure the computer has internal or external driver. The CD or DVD should be blank or a USB flash drive can be used to recover the lost password. The files should be backed-up as all files will be erased.

Below are instruction on how to recover your password without losing your data.

1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker by choosing the Professional updated one; in another accessible computer. Insert a CD, DVD, or USB external flash drive to the computer while running the program.

2. Burn the password recovery in the CD, DVD, or USB external flash drive, and then carefully insert this to the computer that is locked. Position the BIOS of the PC that is locked to run the burned CD, DVD, or USB.

3. Choose the path for the installation of Windows; enter the ID of the path and soon after; all of the Windows usernames will be displayed. Enter the ID of a specified user name to remove its password and enter y to confirm and continue your operation.

4. Enter y again to get rid of another Windows password that is on your computer or enter n when the operation is done, or when the selected windows account password is already removed.

5. Remove the burned CD, DVD, USB and other external drivers from computer and press any key to restart your computer after entering n to finish the operation.

6. You can now login to your computer without any password.

The screenshots showing the step-by-step method on how to use Windows Password Breaker Professional can also be downloaded. Now you can access to your computer or laptop using this safe and easy way to recover your lost Windows 7 password.

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