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Being familiar with the Random Number Generator of Pokies

If you’re looking over this it probably means you’re looking for some way to compromise the random number generator for pokies or slots games. If is the case, i want to save you some trouble: It can’t be done.

Although there are many rumors about individuals who have cracked the random number generator for Online Pokies and won millions in jackpot money, the simple fact of the matter is they aren’t true.
Exactly why they aren’t true is: The random number generators that power all slots and also online slots games are entirely random. It does not follow a pattern, and there is no code to break into.

Now despite the fact that you may not believe this, and may even be hoping against all hope there's some way to break into it, consider it this way: If your random number generator for online pokies could possibly be cracked, why aren’t more people winning the jackpot?

Why is it that the payout still follows the strict preset present on all pokies machines, both online and offline?

As you can well imagine, in the event the random number generator for slots truly ended up cracked, people will be cashing in onto it. It would mean that there’d become more wins, more jackpot wins, as well as the payout % would go entirely haywire.

But that isn’t the truth.

Still, while there is no code to compromise when it comes to pokies and online pokies - you ought to take away another thing from this that is certainly: Slots are entirely random. That means that you have the same possibility of winning no matter where you’re sitting, no matter how many people have played before you decide to, and no matter how recent the equipment turned out a win or jackpot.

It doesn't matter what the circumstances, the same strict payout percentage is the only statistic that really matters and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise has taken you to get a ride.

Speaking of which - if anyone should approach you claiming to have a system that ‘cracks the code’ for pokies or ‘beats the system’ for slots, most likely they are scamming you. Generally, people who download such software wind up having their PCs infected by spyware, malware and other other viruses.

All said and done, the only way to really ‘beat’ pokies and online pokies is usually to learn to play Online Slots machines who have good payout percentages, after which control your budget and learn how to walk away using your winnings.

If you do that, you’ll find that your slots endeavors turn into a lot more profitable than in case you tried to download software that ‘cracks’ the random number generator but really just steals your bank card details!

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