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The Value and Specification of Diamonds

Diamonds have always carried a unique sort of symbolism throughout history. Today, it is mostly famous for its significance in romance - using a diamond ring being the key ring a guy ever buys, and offers to the woman that he loves.

But some time before that, loose diamonds were built with a very different kind of symbolism and meaning. For millennia, the traits of diamonds that have made them so valuable so treasured are already interpreted by different cultures diversely, and their strength, hardness, brilliance and wonder have signified various meanings.

Sometime ago, the Greeks held the fact diamonds were the tears of the gods because of its physical properties that seemed to be out of this world. The Romans believed roughly the identical, only as opposed to being the tears in the gods they believed that diamonds were fragments of fallen stars.

Halfway worldwide from there, in ancient India diamonds were shown to have magical properties and were of particular spiritual and mythological significance. Diamonds in India were never cut, because it was declared if they were their powers would dissipate.

In Tibetan Buddhism, diamonds also play an important role and in fact Tibetan Buddhism itself is actually called Vajrayana which loosely results in the Diamond Vehicle, then one of their most important texts is called the Diamond Sutra.

Since those medieval times, various other myths and legends have sprung forth around diamonds too. In the center Ages, it turned out thought that diamonds could tell whether somebody was innocent or guilty, understanding that a diamond would darken in the presence of guilt, and shine bright in the presence of innocence.

This remarkable stone has always been thought to bring luck and fortune to anybody who wears it, and even warriors and Kings has on it into battle, believing who's would bring them victory over their enemies.

As you have seen, the symbolism and meaning behind Diamond Jewellery has varied throughout history.

Its fashionable symbolism of romance and marriage only began in 1477 if the Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a hoop to Mary of Burgundy for their engagement. Although prior to that there happen to be cases of betrothal gifts that involve diamond jewelry such as tiaras, brooches, and necklaces - that is the first case of a diamond ring being given upon an engagement.

Of course - the remainder is history.

Today, the value of diamonds in romance and engagement is the predominant symbolism across the world. It includes a special meaning, and it has potent emotional significance, but that will not mean that it couldn't one day symbolize something quite different again.

Who knows the future holds for that symbolism and concise explaination diamonds.

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