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Would You Have Gained a Pokies Jackpot if You Stayed?

Maybe you have been at a casino playing a sport of pokies then as you woke up and another person took your place found that they won the jackpot on their very first spin?

Honestly speaking, if you play pokies and slots long enough something like that is eventually going to take place, and the first question that runs through most people’s minds is: Would We've won the jackpot basically had stayed and played only one more round?

To clear up for you once and for all the answer is: No you probably would have not.

Learning the Pokies Random Number Generator

Ultimately, the reasons you would not have won a pokies and slots jackpot despite the fact that stayed on, when the guy or girl who sat in the seat after you did, is caused by the random number generator that's at the heart of the online pokies machine.

For the reason that pokies and online pokies machines nowadays are based on this generator and not an actual mechanical reel that ‘spins’ physically - it doesn't mean that the identical outcome could have existed should you have had stayed on.

All thing said and done, the outcome is entirely random as well as the only way it's likely you have actually won the jackpot is if you had stayed on and pressed the button in the exact same time because other person did.

Actually, in this case the same time needs to be a precise factor. This means that you need to press the button for the pokies machine on the precise microsecond it was pressed with the other guy.

Naturally, realistically speaking that isn’t a good possibility. The actual odds of you hitting the spin button with the exact same microsecond because the other person did are astronomical - and to be honest you’d have a better probability of winning 10 jackpots consecutively.

That being said, you’re probably still not really able to help but wonder ‘what if’ you’d stayed on and in actual fact, somehow, against all of the odds, pushed that button at the exact same microsecond.

Unfortunately, that is just one of the many things about online pokies that is outside your control. Regardless how much you'd like you were within the other person’s shoes, the fact of the matter is basically that you aren’t.

Instead of thinking about ‘what ifs’ you’d be better off concentrating on what really should matter about pokies - the fun of the game. Do this and no appear happens, you’ll always find yourself a winner with regards to slots.

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