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Attributes which will make Rapidshare Search Quicker!

As you probably realize, there is absolutely no Free downloads on the Rapidshare website itself. This is for a variety of reasons, but they’re really not that important. Towards the end of the day, in order to search through the Rapidshare database for a free download, you’re going to have to depend upon various other websites that provide that function.

And although these types of websites resemble and will allow you to download movies for free, download music for free and find any PC games free download - they certainly differ slightly derived from one of another. These differences are usually in the form of features available, and certain features can make searching with the huge Rapidshare database a lot easier.

In this article and at this time, you’re going to discover what some of these features are.

Rapidshare Search by Category

If you’re not searching for something specific but want to instead flick through listings to locate a free downloads of a certain type that interests you - then conducting a Rapidshare Search by category is definitely the way to go.

Mind you - each and every the third party search websites have this feature, and also amongst people who do there are some differences.

As an example, one website could possibly provide general categories, for example PC games free download, download music for free, and download movies for free. Alternatively, some other websites may be more specific and break down movies in the actual type of movie for instance action, adventure, fantasy, horror, etc.

Similarly, it may well do a similar for music and PC games as well.

Make sure to take a look at the best way to browse listings through Rapidshare Search by category - it could prove useful should you ever want some ideas of what things to download!

Rapidshare Search by Popularity

Both Rapidshare and a few Rapidshare Search websites record how many times a certain file have been downloaded - and also this is known as its ‘popularity score’. Being able to search and sort listings by popularity is surely a great bonus, given it will allow you to work out which downloads are of high quality, reliable, and worth getting.

If you’re searching for a free download and you locate one that has practically zero popularity, there might be a reason correctly.

All said and done, being able to choose a free download that's highly popular set your mind relaxed and assure you the file you’re getting is completely legit.

Remember those two Rapidshare Search features and keep an eye out for them in whatever website you visit. Although you might not need them right this instant, down the road they could prove extremely useful for helping you download movies for free, download music for free, or even find a PC games free download.

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